Autumn-Winter Essentials


Elderberry-Thyme Syrup

Elderberries are delicious, rich in flavonoids and vitamin C, and excellent for the immune system, with constituents that have been shown to be effective against many strains of influenza. The earthy flavor of the thyme complements the richness of the elderberry and the sweetness of honey. Thyme and elderberry are both expectorants and help support the lungs. Thyme is also a powerful antibacterial and anti fungal, working against infections throughout the body and particularly in the lungs. 


Herbal Decongesting Steam

Herbal steam baths have been popular all over the world in many ancient civilizations and cultures to utilize the healing properties that steamy, fragrant baths provide in order to help relieve congestion, loosen muscles, and sooth the mind and soul. This decongesting herbal steam helps to keep the nasal passageways moisturized, loosen mucus in the chest and sinuses, and relieve stuffiness.


Herbal Vapor Rub

Anything you put on your skin gets absorbed into your bloodstream, so it's wise to choose the least toxic skin products you can. This Vapor Rub will relieve chest congestion and coughing without toxic petroleum products, paragons, and other nasty additives. It also works great on sore muscles, and can relieve tension headaches and migraines. 


Mulling Spices

Mulling spices create a comforting aromatic blend that you can simmer in apple cider, hard cider, or wine, adding complexity and immune-boosting properties to some of our favorite cozy beverages during the winter season. The tradition of serving hot cups of spiced cider and mulled wine has been a part of community celebrations in Northern Europe for centuries. The violative essential oils in cinnamon, ginger, cloves, and cardamon are antimicrobial, which partly accounts for their aid in combatting colds and flu. They also help to build internal heat and support healthy digestion. In late fall and winter, when a diversity of fresh foods becomes limited, mulling spices infused into hot cider or wine helps keep the body healthy.


Deep Wellness Tea

This is a wonderful tea for those with cold symptoms that seem to linger. Elderberry has been used for centuries to treat respiratory illnesses associated with colds, flus, and infections. Elecampane-with actions that are expectorant, anti fungal, antitussive, and warming-is able to clear congestion in the lungs and lower throat, and is used to treat bronchitis and asthma. Eucalyptus, in tea form, lends a nice menthol character that helps clear mucus blockages. Yerba Santa supports respiratory health and licorice root adds sweetness and is great for soothing sore throats. Lemon balm supports the nervous system and has antiviral properties. Peppermint adds flavor and the aromatic aspect helps to clear sinus congestion and remove excess heat. Marshmallow root is great for soothing inflamed tissues in the mouth and throat, especially if you have a cough.


Mustard and Ginger Bath Salts

In traditional Ayurvedic medicine, mustard seeds have long been used as a heating spice, bringing warming and stimulating energy to the body Mustard powder stimulates circulation and warms the muscles. It's a wonderful, therapeutic addition to a bath in the winter, when the cold is seeping into your muscles, making you feel stiff and sore. it's also great to use after a difficult workout or when you've been injured in some fashion. Ginger is a spicy, warming herb and essential oils of eucalyptus, peppermint, cedar, lavender, and rosemary help stimulate circulation in the body.


Warming Balm

During winter or the cold season, hands and feet can get so cold! Cold hands and feet can also be caused by some health conditions and poor circulation. This Warming Balm is great to have on hand for those situations when your hands and feet need a little help warming up.


Rosemary-Thyme Cold-Processed Soap

This artisan-made soap combines two ancient herbs for a invigoration and timeless fragrance. Natural rosemary oil, contains thyme leaves and peppermint leaves as exfoliants.


Goat's Milk Soap

Goat milk soap is believed to have skin softening properties. This creamy custard colored soap base contains 10% refrigerated liquid goat milk and has a delicate creamy lather. 

* You will receive either a Christmas Tree soap fragranced with "Christmas Forest" natural fragrance or a Peace On Earth soap fragranced with "Sleigh Ride" natural fragrance.