A natural antiseptic that relieves pain and promotes healing:

* Burns

* Sun & wind burn

* Cuts & scrapes

* Dry, cracking hands & feet 


Our Pinon Pine Salve is created with wild-harvested resin from the Pinon trees in Arizona. Salves like these have been used for centuries by Native Americans of the Southwest. We add an extra boost with calendula oil for outstanding healing properties. 

·         Naturally moisturizing

·         Antibacterial

·         Use on insect bites, infected skin, burns, splinters, and minor

          cuts & scrapes. 

·         Relieve sore muscles & stiff joints


The amazing Pinon Pine scent is like a familiar hike through the woods. It's great for hard working hands and winter skin that need some special TLC!

Pinon Pine Healing Salve