New Year...New Moon...New Intentions!

Welcome to our first blog post! Our goal is to share herbal knowledge and folklore with you through a weekly post. Follow along as we weave a story of herblore throughout the seasons of the year!

Herbal Recipes

We'll be sharing a variety of herbal recipes that you can try your hand at if that's your "thing". Many of these recipes will also be available as products in our online store.

Connecting with the Seasons, Moon Cycles, and Celestial Events

Just like "eating according to the seasons", herbal medicines are aligned with the various seasons, as well. Beginning in January, we'll be sharing ideas for connecting with the New Moon on January 5th. It's a perfect time to assess what isn't working for you, what you need to leave behind, and how to move forward into your best year ever.

What seeds/intentions do you want to plant with this January New Moon?

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